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Do you know that Joey Chestnut, from San Jose, is the world record holder for most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes? He ate 66 dogs! What kind of benefits from Nathans, the sponsor of the event, do you think Joey got from winning this contest, besides a trophy? Would you compete in a hot dog contest if Nathans was going to pay you $100,000 to do three TV commercials?

No nukes & web site owning

No Nukes Declaration

Global Zero is a movement to get rid of nuclear weapons. On July 30, 2010 a film, produced using the makers of "Inconvenient Truth," was released. The new film is a documentary on world wide cooperation to help humans survive.

We all must help build the Global Zero movement.

One of the signatories to the Global Zero declaration is Mr. Vladimir Pozner, president of the Russian Academy of Television. He has hosted several shows and has appeared on a number of American programs.

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